There are strict rules and regulations around travelling with cannabis. Before you travel with cannabis, get informed.

Travelling Internationally

It’s illegal to transport cannabis across the Canadian border. It doesn’t matter whether you’re leaving or entering Canada, or what the laws of your destination are. Bottom line: don’t cross the border with cannabis.

The Government of Canada has important information you’ll need to know before travelling with cannabis. Check out this video to learn more.

Travelling Between Provinces

Cannabis laws are different between provinces and territories. This includes legal age, where you can smoke or vape, consume, and buy cannabis. Make sure to learn the laws before you travel. Check out the provincial and territorial websites for more details:

Cannabis and vehicles

Non-medical cannabis consumption is generally not allowed in vehicles whether they are parked or moving, but there are some exceptions to this rule.

It can be used in motorhomes or other motor vehicles, or campers, or trailers when being used as a private residence and parked off a public road or forest service road where camping is allowed.

Cannabis can be transported in a vehicle as long as it’s in its original, unopened packaging, or is inaccessible to the driver and occupants (for example, in the trunk). In addition, a maximum of four non-medical cannabis plants can be transported in a vehicle, but they cannot be budding or flowering.

This printable factsheet of frequently asked questions provides additional details about transporting or consuming cannabis in vehicles.

Flying with cannabis

The federal government regulates all air travel in Canada. Please see the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) guidelines for transportation of cannabis.